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For many he has provided a weekly news-sports service and analysis for Irish Radio Network USA, including a number of world exclusives.  

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Educated at Crescent College, Limerick, the N.U.J. School of Journalism, Dublin,  Kevin O Connor began his early career at the “Limerick Leader” before joining the “Irish Press” in Limerick as their Regional Correspondent. As the Northern troubles erupted, he joined Independent Newspapers and covered the arrival of the British troops in Derry in August 15th, 1969. Three months later he was appointed News Editor of Ireland’s largest newspaper, the “Sunday Independent”, a post he held for fourteen years before becoming their Parliamentary Correspondent in 1984.

His political column “Backchat” broke many world exclusives and the “Roscommon File”, for which he was nominated as journalist of the year, was a detailed catalogue of abuses of power by the then Minister for Justice, the late Sean Doherty.  That story led to the collapse of the Charles Haughey-led Fianna Fail government.

Operating behind the scenes in the Dail,  he began researching the brilliant career of Charles J. Haughey, one of the most astute politicians ever to grace Leinster House.   His best seller “Sweetie” detailed the “golden circle” of business friends financing the lavish lifestyle of Haughey, who became Taoiseach in 1979 with an overdraft of £1m.   The book, launched in New York by Adrian Flannelly, also revealed the 27-year affair with journalist, Terry Keane – a liaison that was mostly financed by the Irish taxpayer. Kevin has written a screenplay on the best seller and recently sold the book and screenplay rights to an Irish producer who plans to shoot the film in Ireland next year. This production, called "Political Betrayal", has the backing of the Irish Film Board.

Later, this year he will be working on a TV documentary on that great Irishman, Michael Collins, who is credited with having done more to free Ireland than any other Irishmen that ever lived.